Terms of purchase

General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

S.M.Power Kft.

1. Application of General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: GTC): If a
conditions are not modified by the parties based on a clear written agreement, then the following
conditions apply to all current and future deliveries and services. The current
GTC and Purchase conditions can be found at the following website address:


2. Scope of orders and contracts: The purchase contracts of S.M.Power Kft.
(hereinafter: Seller) with the contractual conditions described by the Buyer
are created by acceptance (order). An order by the Buyer is considered to be a
placing an order in any form, as well as the Seller's performance by a
the above fact is confirmed by the receipt of the goods by the Buyer. The Buyer is obliged to immediately receive the
to examine the contents of the package in terms of quantity and type, and any deficiencies
immediately notify the Seller in writing. If you do not fulfill this obligation, a
beyond three working days from the date of fulfillment, you cannot claim that it is not on the invoice
the shipment contained the indicated goods. Contracted by the employees of the Buyer and the Seller
contracts - if they differ from those contained in the General Terms and Conditions - are written exclusively by the Seller
are valid with your consent. The Seller is entitled to the contracts concluded by its employees
rejection. In this case, the Seller must inform the Buyer within three weeks that
that the contract was not concluded.

3. Quality parameters: If there are no certain conditions or stipulations
included in the contract, the Seller supplies its products in a quality suitable for commercial circulation
delivers. On the website or in other documents owned by the Seller
quantified measurement values or other test results such approximate values
show, which may differ to a lesser or, in some cases, even to a greater extent
from reality, so the Seller assumes no responsibility for their accuracy,
by definition, the Buyer cannot use the data against the Seller with a claim for compensation
regarding its inaccuracy. These values - due to their informative nature - are the most
are suitable for comparison. If, under certain conditions, the Seller has the characteristics of the goods
modifies (e.g. in the case of additional models), the Seller also distributes the modified product
is eligible.


4. Delivery: The Seller chooses the type and means of delivery at his own discretion.

If the Seller can fulfill the order from its stock, the Seller undertakes to do so

delivery or delivery of the goods within three working days. In other cases, the Seller

undertakes to deliver the ordered goods within sixty working days at the latest. If the delivery is a

the Seller or the Buyer does not fulfill within more than eight weeks after the specified deadline

may withdraw from the agreement citing its loss of interest. In this case

it can be assumed that the Seller is unable to fulfill the terms of the contract through no fault of his own,

this excludes the enforcement of any claim for damages against him. The Seller has the right to

for deliveries in installments. The Buyer is obliged to accept these separately

can also be paid. In case of force majeure, the Seller is released from the delivery obligation.

The same applies to unforeseen delivery obstacles from the Seller

are independent, such as problems related to operation, supplier delay, or

official measures. These also include partial or complete lack of supplies. THE

in the event of the above-mentioned cases, the Seller is under no obligation to purchase the

goods that are the subject of a contract. The Seller is obliged to notify the Buyer of this as soon as possible

to inform you and to modify the order fulfillment deadline.


5. Delivery costs: The delivery fee for our customers in the entire interior of Hungary is HUF 2,390 gross per disc.

Delivery takes place at the Buyer's risk. The risk of damage is transferred to the Buyer,

as soon as the shipping company receives the shipment. If otherwise

the parties do not agree, the delivery route and means of delivery are chosen by the Seller.

Delivery insurance is only taken out by the Seller upon a clear order and at the expense of the Buyer. THE

transport damage must be reported to the supplier immediately, and within three working days, in writing

Also for sale. Damages that can be clearly seen during the delivery, later - the above deadline

after - the Buyer can only inform the Seller in an informative manner, in such case it is

The seller is under no obligation.


6. Prices: The price of the Seller's products and services to the Buyer, the issued financial

payment must be made on the basis of the receipt according to the conditions specified on the receipt (price, currency, payment

mode, etc...)


7. Terms of payment: The Seller is obliged to pay for deliveries in cash, by bank transfer

or pay in advance without any other deductions. By separate agreement

the deferred payment must be made no later than the payment deadline indicated on the invoice!

In case of late payment, the central bank base interest rate valid on the first day of the calendar semester is eight

the Seller will charge late payment interest at a value increased by a percentage point. And the

the costs of notice and collection, at least related to the collection of your claim

to cover his costs, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank will charge forty euros in late payment interest

according to the official mid-exchange rate of the foreign currency valid on the starting date of the obligation

HUF must also be borne by the Buyer.


8. Other circumstances: In the event that one of the conditions contained in the General Terms and Conditions

invalid or becomes void, it shall be deemed that the parties have agreed that it is

an invalid measure must be replaced by a valid one that is legal and commercial

is closest to the invalid measure.


9. Copyright: Copyright protection applies to all materials used or produced by the Seller

for graphics, form, video or audio. Duplication, copying and translation of any kind -

even if it is quoted - only with clear, prior, written consent

and authorized by attribution. Any changes or expansions are preliminary,

prohibited without written approval.


10. Warranty: Covers only the products marketed by the Seller, the duration of which is

- if the Seller does not deviate from this and does not indicate it separately on the product's warranty card

attached - 12 months, which is the resale of the product by the Buyer or contractual Buyer

starts on the day of sale to the Buyer. Anyone who does not is considered a buyer

you purchased the product directly from the Seller. Regarding the Buyer's warranty

refund claim exclusively with that contractual buyer or Seller

with which you concluded the contract in relation to the given product. Other

the buyer can assert his warranty claim with the Seller - regardless of which one

contract with the company - in addition to the invoice proving the purchase and a valid warranty card.

The enforceability of warranty claims applies to individual consumer durables

151/2003 on mandatory warranty. (IX. 22.) Regulated by government decree. It is the buyer's duty

Inspect the goods delivered by the seller immediately. If the Buyer notices an error, the

must inform the Seller in writing within three days after delivery. If no signal

received by the Seller, he considers the product to be of adequate quality. Reasonable and timely

in the event of a complaint, the Seller decides whether to repair the defect or replace the goods with one

within a specified time, but no later than sixty days after the error was reported

within a working day. Improper handling by the Buyer or a third party,

setting, use, any external influencing factors, moisture, heat

or damage due to cold weather is not covered. The Buyer is aware of

about the dangers listed above, and these relate to the termination of the warranty entitlement

about its consequences. The Seller undertakes a warranty only for manufacturing defects in the product.

The Buyer is obliged to make the defective goods available to the Seller for inspection. The warranty card

precisely regulates the additional, detailed warranty, accessory and product warranty conditions.

11. Liability for any damages or the product: The Seller is solely responsible

undertakes a warranty for defects in the products distributed by it. Acknowledgment of the Buyer

whether in other parts and units of a vehicle, or even by using the product

the Seller excludes responsibility for damages caused in connection, e.g. during installation

arising damage, engine failure, etc. Any liability for damages or otherwise

claims for compensation arising from provisions, relating to motor vehicles and others

arising in objects, as well as material and non-material damage resulting from personal injury

the Seller excludes liability for damages. The Seller also excludes that the product is not legal

any liability for damages resulting from its use. The National Transport Authority

certificate certified by and all related costs to the Buyer

is burdened.


12. Retention of ownership: The delivered goods remain the property of the Seller as long as

the full amount of all costs incurred in business transactions is not paid. All

before fulfilling the obligation or settling the invoice - without the consent of the Seller - the goods

it cannot be pledged or used as collateral. Arising from the sale of the product

claims that are the subject of retention of ownership, together with ancillary rights

obligations arising from the business relationship serve as collateral for the Seller

to fulfill. The Buyer fulfills his payment obligation only with the prior written consent of the Seller

can be transferred to a third party, which must be recorded in writing. The Buyer is obliged to the Seller

to notify - by sending a copy of the document - the transfer in writing

within three days of transferring the payment obligation to a third party.

All data changes affecting the parties must be communicated to each other immediately.


13. Right of withdrawal and termination: The contracts between the consumer and the company are detailed

45/2014 on its rules. (II. 26.) the Buyer within 14 days

can withdraw without reason in the case of a contract concluded between parties absent from the contract. Such

in case of demand, the Seller is obliged to pay the amount paid by the Buyer for the product as soon as possible

refund, in the event that the Buyer fills out the Withdrawal/Cancellation Statement. THE

The buyer is responsible for exercising the right of withdrawal in connection with the return of the goods

incurred costs. The consumer may not exercise his right of withdrawal and termination

in the case of a pre-manufactured product, based on the instructions or at the express request of the consumer

produced, or in the case of a product that is clearly for the consumer

tailored. The Seller may claim damages resulting from improper use of the goods

compensation. In other cases outside the scope of the government decree, if the Seller agrees to

to cancel a purchase, a cancellation fee of at least 15% of the purchase price must be paid.

Return delivery to the recipient - in this case the Seller - must be free of charge,

otherwise, it is not possible for the Seller to accept the goods. Only in original packaging and new

takes back the Seller's goods in the same condition as in the previous condition, otherwise the resulting

damage must be reimbursed to the buyer. If the Customer installs the product unsuccessfully, it

The seller does not accept any claims (e.g. installation costs, including installation,

time spent with replacement). The Seller is in the framework of a possible recall action

you can reclaim the product by repaying the consideration paid for it, plus any extras

without cost or claim.


14. Exclusive distribution in countries other than Hungary: Written in advance

the products distributed by the Seller cannot be exported to other countries without permission,

as the Seller has exclusive distributors in certain countries.


15. The provisions of these GTC apply to orders placed as of May 2, 2018, or

are valid in relation to concluded contracts, as long as the Seller a

provisions are not modified.


16. The Contracting Parties are primarily obliged to settle any dispute between them amicably

arising controversial issues. In matters not regulated in these General Terms and Conditions, at all times

the provisions of effective legislation are governing, in particular the Civil Code. concerning

provisions. Regarding the place of performance and payment, as well as territorial jurisdiction

the parties to disputes arising directly or indirectly from the contractual relationship are the Seller

The jurisdiction of the Szigetszentmiklós District Court, based on its current seat, is bound



Company details:

Company name: S.M.Power Kft.

Company headquarters: 2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Csepeli út 15.

Company phone number: +36 30 411 7167

Company E-mail address: smpower [at]

Company tax number: 11695600-2-13

Company registration number: 13-09-187572

Data protection registration number: NAIH-75982//2014

Name of the hosting service provider: UNAS Online Kft

Company registration number of the hosting provider: 08-09-015594

Tax number of the storage provider: 14114113-2-08

Address of the storage provider: Kőszegi út 14, H-9400 Sopron

The phone number of the hosting provider: +36-99/200-200

The e-mail address of the hosting service provider is:

Warranty information


Warranty information


We hope that your product works flawlessly to your complete satisfaction. If

however, you experience some abnormality or have questions about the operation of the device

please feel free to contact the staff of S.M.Power Kft., who are free of charge

they help with the proper handling of the product with expert advice.


Warranty information:

The customer can enforce the warranty claim with the warranty card, so keep it carefully!

We cannot replace a lost warranty ticket.

Any corrections, erasures or rewrites on the warranty card will invalidate the warranty card.

The warranty period begins on the day the product is handed over to the customer.

If the product is repaired, the warranty period will be extended from the date of notification of the defect

starting with the period during which the customer uses the product as intended due to the defect

could not use it.

The warranty does not affect the consumer's legal rights.

Installation and adjustment of the device are not covered by warranty repair obligations

within its scope - unless the distributor states this separately on the warranty card - this is the customer

for your order, the service can undertake it against the charging of a separate fee. With media player

in the case of a device with a

the test material regularized in service centers is authoritative. Device operating with external software

only the original application can be used to check proper operation.


A warranty claim cannot be asserted:

Validation of a warranty claim for the product is excluded if the defect

provably improper use, conversion, dismantling, unauthorized use

repair, improper handling, improper storage or transportation, improper operation

conditions (e.g. storage near heat or vibration), elemental damage, external force, wear and tear

caused by the intended use of parts; the error occurred due to treatment or

the cause of the error arose in another way after the purchase. It also excludes warranty claims

validation, if the customer does not comply with the usage and

the installation instructions, the installation was not carried out by a specialist service and it is the fault of this

resulting from, or the malfunctions caused by, normal wear and tear

can be attributed to normal wear and tear. In case of errors due to the above reasons, the repair

the cost is borne by the Buyer even within the warranty period. Cleaning and other maintenance of the device

(if necessary) does not fall under warranty obligations. Excludes a

validating warranty claims by inaccurately filling out the warranty card or the fact of the purchase

lack of proof of payment, invoice.


The consumer's rights under the warranty: The Consumer's Civil Code

IV of 1959 Act 306-310. §§, as well as 49/2003. (VII.30.) in GKM decree

are entitled to specific rights: In case of faulty performance, the consumer's choice is primarily -

may demand repair or replacement, unless the selected warranty claim is fulfilled

impossible, or if it is compared to the fulfillment of the obligee's other warranty claim

would result in disproportionate additional costs, taking into account that the supplied thing is flawless

the value represented in the condition, the gravity of the breach of contract, and by fulfilling the warranty right a

inconvenience to the consumer.

If he has no right to either repair or replacement, or if the obligee has the right to repair or

did not undertake an exchange, you can request an appropriate price reduction or cancel the

from contract. There is no room for cancellation due to an insignificant error. If the consumer is the consumer

due to item failure within three working days from purchase (commissioning).

asserts its exchange request within, the distributor cannot claim disproportionate additional costs,

but is obliged to replace the consumer product, provided that the failure is as intended

prevents use. The repair or replacement depends on the characteristics of the goods and the consumer

caused to the consumer within an appropriate deadline, subject to the expected purpose

should be done without significant discomfort. The obligee must strive to a

repair or replacement as soon as possible.


In which case can you exercise your accessory warranty right?

In the event of defective performance by S.M.Power Kft., you are liable for accessories against the company

can assert a claim according to the rules of the Civil Code. It is you – by choice

you can make use of the following accessory warranty claims:

You can request a repair or replacement, unless it is your choice

fulfillment is impossible or disproportionate to the fulfillment of other needs of the business

would incur additional costs. If you did not or could not ask for the repair or replacement, so be it

you can demand a proportional reduction of the compensation or the fault at the expense of the company

can also repair it, or have it repaired by someone else based on a pre-agreed price or - as a last resort -

can also withdraw from the contract.

You can switch from your chosen accessory warranty right to another, but you will bear the cost of the switch

bears, unless it was justified or the company gave reason for it.



What is the deadline for asserting your warranty claim?

You are obliged to correct the error immediately after its discovery, but no later than the error

within two months of its discovery. At the same time, I draw your attention to the fact that

accessories warranty rights beyond the two-year limitation period from the completion of the contract

you can no longer validate it. In the case of a used item, this deadline is 30 calendar days, but no more than one




Who can you enforce your accessory warranty claim against?

You can assert your warranty claim against the company.



What other conditions are there for asserting your accessory warranty rights?

Within six months from the date of performance, the validation of your accessory warranty claim a

apart from reporting the error, there are no other conditions if you prove that the product or service

provided by the business. However, after six months from the date of performance, you are already obligated

to prove that the error you recognized already existed at the time of performance


In which case can you use your product warranty right?

In the event of a defect in a movable thing (product), you - at your option - have the right specified in point 1

or assert a product warranty claim.



What rights do you have based on your product warranty claim?

As a product warranty claim, you can only repair or replace the defective product

you can ask.



In which case is the product considered defective?

The product is defective if it does not meet the quality standards in force at the time of placing it on the market

requirements or if it does not have the one in the description given by the manufacturer

with properties.


What is the deadline for asserting your product warranty claim?

You have a product warranty claim within two days of the product being placed on the market by the manufacturer

can be enforced within a year. After this deadline, you will lose this right.



Against whom and under what other conditions can you enforce your product warranty claim?

Your product warranty claim can only be made with the manufacturer or distributor of the movable item

you can practice against. Product defect in the event of a product warranty claim

You have to prove it.



In what cases is the manufacturer (distributor) exempt from product warranty obligations?

The manufacturer (distributor) is exempted from its product warranty obligation only if

can prove that: the product was not produced or brought as part of its business activities

placing on the market, or the error according to the state of science and technology, placing on the market

at the time it was unrecognizable or the defect of the product was due to legislation or mandatory authorities

resulting from the application of the regulation. One reason is sufficient for the manufacturer (distributor) to be exempted

to prove Please note that due to the same error, the accessory warranty and

you may not assert a product warranty claim at the same time, in parallel with each other.



However, in the case of successful enforcement of your product warranty claim, for the replaced product,

and its accessories warranty claim against the manufacturer for the repaired part

can validate. Due to the same defect, an accessory warranty and warranty claim, or

you cannot assert a product warranty and warranty claim at the same time, in parallel with each other.



Other informations:

All licensed devices (e.g. xenon products, LED products, ) exclusively

for vehicles traveling on private roads closed to public traffic, agricultural tractors and slow ones

can be mounted on a vehicle. The Buyer is therefore solely responsible for the applicable laws (e.g.:

5/1990. (IV.12.) KÖHÉM decree) can be deviated from. The manufacturer and distributor

assumes no responsibility for exceeding the speed limit and/or the device

for any kind of penalty or damage resulting from its use or improper installation

or for any other disadvantage. Traffic jam protection devices are not speeding

they are used to help, but to prevent the consequences of accidental speeding.

In all cases, obey the speed limits and drive in accordance with the visibility and road conditions

appropriately! A radar detector is not an infallible device. There may be situations where

where it signals late or not at all due to certain external circumstances. The reason for this is not a

it is caused by a malfunction of the device, but can be traced back to the laws of physics.

Cutting, splicing, or blanking product wires may void the warranty. In case of error:

Your error report should always be reported to our customer service first.


You can report an error or, in the case of a replacement warranty device, request a replacement at our customer service, that is

you can do it as follows:

By phone: +36 30 411 7167 (Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

By e-mail: smpower [at]

In this case, the letter must include your name, address, telephone number and the product

your data.

By post: S.M.Power Kft. 2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Csepeli út 15.

Please return the product with all accessories, a copy of the invoice,

or send it to our service center together with the warranty card:

S.M.Power Kft. 2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Csepeli út 15.


The warranty can only be claimed with a completed warranty card!

Privacy Statement!

Privacy Statement!

If you provide personal data through the websites of S.M.Power Kft.,
contributes to the fact that, in accordance with the applicable legal regulations, our company is
register and manage data. S.M.Power Kft. reserves the right to present
to change information at any time. Of course, enough about possible changes
informs its audience in a timely manner. If our user has a question that is present
based on our announcement, it is not clear, please write to us and our colleague will answer
your question. S.M.Power Kft. is committed to the personal data of its users and partners
in its protection, considers its customers' right to informational self-determination to be of utmost importance
respect, treat personal data confidentially and do all that
security, technical and organizational measures that guarantee data security. Our company
below, it describes its data management principles and presents the expectations that it owns
formulated against you, as a data controller, and is adhered to. Principles of data management
are in line with the applicable data protection legislation, so in particular
with the following:
• LXIII of 1992 Act - on the protection of personal data and data of public interest
on its publicity (hereinafter referred to as the Data Protection Act);
• CVIII of 2001 Act - electronic commerce services, as well as
on certain issues of information society-related services (Eker. tv.);
• CXII of 2011. Act - on the right to informational self-determination and the
on freedom of information (Infotv.)

Definitions: Data subject: any specific, identified on the basis of personal data, or -
directly or indirectly - an identifiable natural person; Personal data: with the data subject
contactable data - in particular the name, identification number and one or more of the data subject
physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity
knowledge - as well as the conclusion about the data subject that can be drawn from the data. The personal
data retains its quality during data processing as long as it is connected to the data subject

Consent: a voluntary and decisive expression of the data subject's will that is appropriate
is based on information and with which you give your unequivocal consent to the relevant
for the management of personal data - comprehensive or covering certain operations;

Objection: the statement of the data subject objecting to the processing of their personal data, and
requests the termination of data management or the deletion of processed data;


Data controller: the natural or legal person or non-legal person
organization, who or which determines the purpose of data management, for data management
(including the tool used) makes and implements relevant decisions, or is
have it carried out by a data processor commissioned by him;

Data management: any operation performed on the data, regardless of the procedure used
the totality of operations, such as collection, recording, recording, organization, storage,
changing, using, transmitting, disclosing, coordinating or
connection, blocking, deletion and destruction, as well as additional data
preventing its use. Photo, audio or video processing is considered data processing
taking pictures, as well as recording the physical characteristics suitable for identifying the person:

Data transfer: if the data is made available to a specific third party.
Disclosure: if the data is made available to anyone.

Data erasure: rendering data unrecognizable in such a way that their recovery is no longer possible

Data blocking: the transmission, knowledge, disclosure of data,
conversion, alteration, destruction, deletion, connection
or its coordination and use permanently or for a specified period of time
making it impossible.

Data destruction: the data or the data carrier containing it is completely physical

Data processing: performing technical tasks related to data management operations,
regardless of the method and means used to perform the operations and that
from the place of application.

Data processor: the natural or legal person, or not with legal personality
holding organization who, or under which contract - including under the law
concluded contract - performs data processing; Third person: You're such a natural
a legal person or an organization without legal personality, which is or is not
is the same as the data subject, data controller or data processor; Third country: everything
a state that is not an EEA state.

  Basic principles: Personal data can be processed if
a) the data subject consents to it, or
b) it is by law or - based on the authority of the law, within the scope defined therein - local
decree of the municipality orders it for purposes based on public interest (hereinafter: mandatory
data handling).
For the declaration of an incapacitated and a minor with limited legal capacity a
the consent of his legal representative is required, except for those parts of the service where a
statement is aimed at registration that occurs en masse in everyday life and is more special
does not require consideration. It is a right to manage personal data only for specific purposes
in order to exercise and fulfill obligations. Data management is everything
must meet this goal in Only personal data that is
it is essential for the realization of the purpose of data management, only the purpose is suitable for achieving the purpose
to the extent and duration necessary for its implementation. Personal information is only appropriate
can be handled with informed consent. The person concerned - clearly, in an understandable way
and in detail - you must be informed of all the facts related to the management of your data, thus
especially the purpose and legal basis of data management, data management and data processing
about the authorized person, the duration of data management, and who can know it
data. The information must cover the data subject's rights related to data management and
legal remedies as well.   The processed personal data must meet the following requirements:
a) their admission and treatment are fair and legal;
b) they are accurate, complete and, if necessary, timely;
c) the method of their storage is suitable for the data subject only for the time necessary for the purpose of storage
can be identified.
It is prohibited to use a general and uniform personal identification symbol that can be used without restriction.
The personal data can then be transferred, as well as the various data management processes
can be connected if the data subject has consented to it, or the law allows it, and if it is
the conditions of data management are met for each personal data. Personal data
(including special data) from the country - from the data carrier or the data transfer
regardless of the method - to a data controller or data processor in a third country then
may be forwarded if the data subject has expressly consented to it or if it is permitted by law, and
during the handling and processing of the transferred data in the third country, a
adequate level of protection of personal data. The transfer of data to the EEA states
should be considered as if data were transferred within the territory of the Republic of Hungary.
We draw the attention of data informants that if they do not provide their own personal data
and, the reporting party's duty is to obtain the consent of the data subject.   Information: The code of our websites may contain external, independent from S.M.Power Kft
links from the server and links to an external server. The providers of these links are
they can collect user data due to the direct connection to their server. THE
external servers help the website visit and other web analytics data independent
measurement and auditing (Google Analytics). Data controllers know how to manage measurement data
to provide detailed information, contact: The service provider,
and the indicated external service providers in order to provide customized service to the user
a small data package on your computer, so-called cookies are placed and read back. If the
browser returns a previously saved cookie, the option of the cookie management service provider
to connect the data saved during the user's current visits with previous ones,
but only with respect to its own content. The user can delete the cookie himself
from your computer or you can block the use of cookies in your browser. To manage cookies
usually in the Tools/Settings menu of browsers under Privacy settings,
cookie or cookie name is possible. The websites of S.M.Power Kft. are Google
They can also use Adwords tracking codes. The purpose of this is to allow visitors to the site later a
We can reach you with advertisements through the Google Adwords service. The system cookies
uses to tag visitors. The user can disable these cookies,
if you go to the Google ad settings manager and follow it there
instructions. After that, personalized offers will not appear for them
From S.M.Power Kft., through the Google Adwords service. If FACEBOOK
website visitor "likes" any Facebook of S.M.Power Kft. by pressing the Like button
page, his person and activity become visible, searchable and identifiable. For this
you have already given your consent in advance during the Facebook registration. The Facebook
You can find more information about data management here:   Registration, purchase: Through the websites of S.M.Power Kft., users can purchase products,
they can order and purchase a service for which orders are served
personal data is required.
The purpose of data management: identification and differentiation of users,
contact, more personalized service for users, some services
authorization to use, creation of user statistics, orders, purchases
management, fulfillment of contractual obligations arising from the purchase and exercise of rights,
fulfilling accounting obligations, sending newsletters.
Legal basis for data management: voluntary consent of the data subject, electronic commerce
services, as well as services related to the information society
CVIII of 2001 on questions Act 13/A. § and the economic advertising activity
XLVIII of 2008 on its basic conditions and certain limitations. § 6 (5) of the Act.

Scope of managed data: username, password, surname and first name, e-mail addresses,
telephone numbers, fax number, company name, newsletter subscription consent, date of registration and
time, order date and time, order data. Data deletion deadline:
It will be deleted at the request of the person concerned. The accounting documents are issued in accordance with C. of 2000 on accounting.
based on Section 169 (2) of the Act, we keep it for 8 years.

Legal remedies related to data management, filing a complaint with the National Data Protection and
Freedom of Information Authority Postal address: 1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5. Phone: +36 (1) 391 – 1400
Web: E-mail:  

Company details:
Company name: S.M.Power Kft.
Company headquarters: 2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Csepeli út 15.
Company phone number: +36 30 411 7167
Company E-mail address: smpower [at]
Company tax number: 11695600-2-13
Company registration number: 13-09-187572
Data protection registration number: NAIH-75982//2014
Name of the hosting service provider: UNAS Online Kft
Company registration number of the hosting provider: 08-09-015594
Tax number of the storage provider: 14114113-2-08
Address of the storage provider: Kőszegi út 14, H-9400 Sopron
The phone number of the hosting provider: +36-99/200-200
The e-mail address of the hosting service provider is:

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